Cecilia  Bertolini

Gotta do it 2012

Armel Dupas  arrangement, piano & claviers
Olivier Louvel  guitares
Sylvain Gontard  trompette & bugle (2,4)
Manuel Marches  contrebasse
Karl Jannuska  batterie
CÚcilia Bertolini  voix, compositions

  11.  Gotta Do It Right
12.  No Time ti Lose
13.  Circle Song
14.  Undecided
15.  Just Walk and Feel Fine
16.  All Things Gone Blue
17.  Come Running to Me
18.  Captain of My Life
19.  Try Again
10.  I Wish
11.  A Thousand Years
12.  I'm Gonna Sit Right Now (bonus track)