Christine  Flowers

In a new mood 2010
A tribute to Oscar Brown, Jr.

Christine Flowers  voix
Peter Giron  basse, arrangements
Jobic Le Masson  piano, arrangements
John Betsch  batterie
Jeff Boudreaux  batterie
Rick Margitza  sax
David Sauzay  sax
William Galison  harmonica
Orlando Poleo  percussions
Gildas Boclé  contrebasse

  11.  Mr Kicks
12.  But I was Cool
13.  Summer in the City
14.  Hazel's Hips
15.  Long as You're Living
16.  Excuse Me for Living
17.  Driva'Man
18.  Afro Blue
19.  Strong Man
10.  It's October
11.  Somebody Buy Me a Drink
12.  The Tree and Me